Day 111 :: Puzzle Box

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Day 111 of ‪#‎YearOfDrawing‬ Challenge was puzzle box.

I had to draw this without looking, which is why this is such poor quality today. 
Some of you are probably wondering why. 

Long story short, I has an issue today that caused me not to be able to move without a lot of pain in my neck. Went to doctor and was told to take it easy so it would heal. Meaning that when I'm resting I need to sit in a chair with good posture and not be on my computer so my head and neck would stay straight. Was also pretty much told not to do my daily drawing because it would require looking down for an extended period of time.

Well, I wasn't about to quit over 100 days in, so I found a loophole. I set up my laptop in a way that didn't require looking down so that I could use a reference to draw the puzzle box from, and then drew it without really looking down at my paper.

Basically the next couple days I'll be posting drawings like this. Yeah I have an easel, but drawing without looking could be interesting...




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