Day 164 :: Draw Your Favorite TV Character as a Vegetable

Monday, June 13, 2016

I had a rough time deciding which TV character was my favorite, so I decided to brainstorm with names of vegetables for inspiration (since I wanted to do something punny.) 
After brainstorming names like Hermione Ginger, Fromato Baggins, or Gandalf the Grape (which isn't a vegetable but I still thought sounded cool) one name hit me: Bean Winchester.  (based off the character Dean Winchester from the TV series Supernatural.)  

Little Bean Winchester complete with a giant slice of pie, because pie.


Which brings me to another point, if you find the hidden message in this image please send a message to my Facebook page.

The person who finds the most hidden messages and pictures in my art until July 1st will win a 50% off coupon code to my Etsy Shop (which is currently being updated with new items such as art prints and original framed artwork)


(For anyone who doesn't watch Supernatural, Dean Winchester is a character in the show (he hunts monsters with his brother Sam), and he loves pie.  Also it's a great show and you should watch it.)



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