Bad News

Thursday, May 4, 2017

You may know that I've recently started featuring my art on TeePublic.  Well, unfortunately some of my designs have been removed.

TeePublic received a large DCMA order from Disney ordering them to remove any Disney related art from their site (since Disney now owns Marvel, apparently that means my designs had to go too).


Though I assumed my designs would be allowed under fair use due to the nature of my designs being a parody/mashup of a pop culture reference, I understand TeePublic could not make a judgement on whether to allow the design or not and was obligated to immediately remove my designs as well as many others from other artists, so I don't harbor any hard feelings towards the company.

Here are my removed designs: 

I'll admit it is disappointing to have these designs removed due to the work I put into them and the fact that I just really liked them.

I'm considering offering them in my Etsy Shop for charity.  If I'm remembering correctly, it should be allowed since I won't be making any profit off the designs and again, the fact that the designs are parodies of pop-culture references.



*Update: It was brought to my attention that GrootPool and Doctor Pool actually do exist in the Marvel Universe in some way, in alternate universe comics. This fact was just unknown by myself apparently.*

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