Houston, We Have a Setback...

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Alright guys, there's been a minor setback... my hard drive died on my computer! 

However, there is some good news, believe it or not!

I was able to upload everything I had on my computer and restore it onto my husband's old one. (He was kind enough to gift it to me.  He made the point that since we did have the exact same computer, and he only used his to watch Netflix, he would be willing to sacrifice his computer to me so that I may continue working. It'd be cheaper just to buy him a more basic computer to watch Netflix with and then "brain swap" mine into his. Of course I was 100% fine with this since he was so kind to offer in the first place!)

This unfortunately does mean that I have lost some projects, because silly me hadn't performed an entire system backup in a month, but luckily I lost nothing major (I keep backups of my backups for major projects! #Paranoid), and only lost minor personal projects that I can always re-create again.


All in all, I think I got off very lucky!

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