DIY Medusa Headband Tutorial

This past Halloween my little sister wanted to be Medusa so I made her a headpiece to go with her costume, and decided I'd also go ahead and create a tutorial to show how I made it. Here, you'll find the steps I took to create this head piece here:

Things you'll need:

  • Simple 1 inch Black headband (I bought mine at Walmart, but here's one on Amazon)

  • 20 gauge wire (can be found at most craft stores)

  • Large snakes. I got mine on Amazon

  • Small snakes. I also got these on Amazon

  • Spray Paint Primer: Found at most hardware or paint stores. (You can substitute white spray paint, this is just to create an even base for the gold paint.)

  • Metallic Gold Spray Paint: Found at most hardware or paint stores.

  • I also recommend a clear spray varnish to help protect the piece.

  • Blue painters tape to protect the headband unless you plan on painting the whole thing along with the snakes

  • Hot glue gun: Found in most craft or hardware stores, can even be found at Walmart.

  • Needle nose pliers: Most needle nose pliers will come with built in wire snips, but if you can't find a pair that do, then I'd also recommend grabbing some wire cutters for the wire. These can also be found in most craft or hardware stores.

Starting Off:

As always, protect your workspace. You can do so easily by just laying down some newsprint to protect the area. This is to keep the hot glue from sticking to your table/tablecloth.